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About Us

Beredan Management & Consulting Inc. was launched to provide a unique variety of condominium consulting services, all related to this ever-expanding segment of the real estate world– condominiums.

Prior to launching his company, Robert held senior roles within the computer industry in areas such as Operations, Education/Training, Consulting, Documentation, and Testing/QA. Throughout his career, he has improved his skills by taking courses, not only to pursue professional designations, but also to enhance his knowledge. Continuous learning has instilled a commitment to continually improve the customer service he provides.

Robert Buckler started in property management in 2003, where he managed condominium corporations, including new corporations, conversions, townhouse complexes, high, low-rise & commercial condominiums, as well as residential rental properties. Although "property management" revolves around managing properties, Robert quickly learned the importance of managing people and their expectations, the significance of effective communication, and focusing on customer service.

Robert not only participates in professional development, including courses, seminars and industry conferences, but he is also an industry Educator. To find out which courses he teaches, click here.

"Giving back" to the industry and community plays a major role, as he is active in various committees and initiatives. To learn about Robert's industry involvement, click here.

If you are looking for expertise to help you buy or sell real estate or to deal with the complex 'condominium landscape', please complete the Contact Us form and Robert will follow-up with you.

Press Coverage...

Sales Rep Finds Niche as Condo Consultant [May 3, 2013]

REM: Real Estate Magazine Robert Buckler and his company were profiled in the May 2013 edition of REM, an independent news and opinion magazine for Canada’s real estate industry.