Providing a Wide Variety of Condominium Consulting Services...
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Condo Management

Robert Buckler launched his company to offer a unique combination of services related to the property management market place. Robert specializes in consulting within the condominium industry by providing management companies with innovative services based on your company’s needs. Some of the services Robert can provide include the following:

Recruitment of property management staff based on the specific needs of the management company, the property portfolio, supervisory responsibilities, the boards of directors and other criteria
Development and delivery of customized professional development seminars or courses to improve productivity
Management of complex projects such as the selection of a new property management/accounting software platform for the company
Process Analysis to improve internal processes, streamline procedures and develop new procedures

If you are looking for a customized solution to streamline your operations, enhance your service offerings, improve productivity “doing more with less,” upgrade your staff’s skills, or effectively manage the transition to new technology, please complete the Contact Us form.