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Court-Appointed Administrator

Robert Buckler offers this service to condominium corporations and owners who have exhausted other available options & remedies to address serious issues such as an operating deficit, delay of up-to-date audited financial statements and Annual General Meetings, deferred maintenance & repairs to common elements, lack of a current Reserve Fund Study (conducted within three years), an underfunded reserve fund, city Work Orders against the property, unresolved conflicts amongst owners and the Board of Directors, etc.

When appointed by the Court to replace the Board of Directors and “manage the affairs of the corporation” (per clause 27(1) of the Condominium Act, 1998), Robert Buckler is very aware of his role to represent all homeowners when making decisions for and on behalf of the condominium corporation. As the Court-Appointed Administrator, Robert works in partnership with the property management company that is managing the property to offer owners of the troubled condominium community a consultative approach coupled with ongoing communication and transparency. Robert utilizes his management experience, combining a systematic and educational methodology to rejuvenate the community, address property deficiencies, and to strategize to rebuild the financial health of the corporation— all leading towards the goal of transitioning the corporation back to self-governance when the community shows readiness to do so.

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