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Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

Condominium corporations and condominium living are more complex than living in a freehold home when you are the “only king of your castle!” Condominium living brings with it many benefits and a lifestyle that brings with it a “fourth level of government,” that is often misunderstood and even unknown until an issue arises.

Robert Buckler founded Beredan Management & Consulting Inc. to specifically address the growing population of condominium owners and residents. With Robert’s condominium experience, expertise and varied knowledge of the industry, he applies a systematic approach to problem-solving so that possible solutions are presented to clients after assessing each particular situation. From needs assessment, defining expectations, trouble-shooting, presenting options and solutions, to drafting an Action Plan– these are some of the tools & techniques used to help clients, be they condominium owners, board members, condominium management firms, condominium developers, realtors, or anyone struggling to find a solution to their condominium issue(s).

Robert is committed to exceeding client expectations so that each client is a reference.

Please complete the Contact Us form so that Robert Buckler can follow-up to help you assess your needs, provide options & solutions, and/or answer your questions.