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Robert Buckler is pleased to share the articles he has authored both online and in print publications related to the condominium industry. In most cases, he co-authored articles with other condo experts to ensure that the content and perspective is accurate and up-to-date. You are invited to review the publications below.

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CondoBusiness Magazine

So You Got Elected to the Board... Now What? [April 2015]

CondoBusiness Magazine- "So You Got Elected to the Board... Now What?" - April 2015 This CondoBusiness article co-authored with Warren Kleiner, a Partner and a real estate lawyer in the Toronto office of Miller Thomson LLP, has a broad practice in commercial, leasing and residential real estate and a specialty in condominium law. He primarily represents condominium corporations and development projects, as well as commercial real estate clients.

Avoiding Special Assessments [October 2014]

CondoBusiness Magazine- "Avoiding Special Assessments" - October 2014 This CondoBusiness article co-authored with Reagan Ruslim, a lawyer at Dunsmore Wearing LLP. Mr. Ruslim practices in the areas of labour, employment, human rights, occupational health & safety and condominium law. Reagan is also a Chartered/Public Accountant (CA/CPA) and holds other accounting and human resources designations.

Avoiding Financial Pitfalls [October 2013]

CondoBusiness Magazine- "Avoiding Financial Pitfalls" - October 2013 This CondoBusiness article co-authored with Stephen Chesney, a partner at Parker Garber & Chesney, LLP with over 20+ years of condo auditing experience. Mr. Chesney was one of the authors of the updated version of Accounting, Auditing and Tax Guidelines for Ontario Condominium Corporations, published by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

CondoBusiness Q&A Column

Robert Buckler contributes to the online Condo Q&A column by CondoBusiness. These articles are co-authored with Karen Kisiel, a condominium lawyer in Toronto, answering important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about condominium living and management.

A Checklist for Hiring a Property Manager [July 16, 2014]

Most Boards of Directors of condominium corporations hire a condo management firm or directly hire the Condominium Manager as an employee to manage their complex. When the difficult decision is made to change management, then it is recommended for the Board to follow a process or series of important steps to minimize risk, ensure a smooth transition and to avoid costly mistakes. To learn more, read this posting ...

When Courts Appoint Administrators to Condos [Nov 11, 2013]

Under very specific circumstances, the Courts may decide to appoint an Administrator for a condominium corporation. This extreme remedy (per S. 131 of the Condominium Act, 1998) is designed to allow an independent third-party Consultant to re-habilitate a 'troubled' condo corporation. To learn more, read this posting ...

Condo Board Membership [June 14, 2013]

So... you are interested in getting involved in your condominium building! Do you want be a member of the Board of Directors? What's involved and what does this mean? To learn more, read this posting ...

Condo Life

Opinion Divided on the Condo Office [February 2014]

Condo Life - "Opinion Divided on the Condo Office" - February 2014 Marty York, a columnist with Condo Life magazine, interviewed Robert Buckler about his opinions on the Liberal government's commitment to license condominium managers in Ontario. The article was published in the February 2014 edition (p. 34).

ACMO's CM Condominium Manager Magazine

The Court-Appointed Administrator: A Practical Perspective! [Summer 2012]

ACMO - "The court-appointed administrator: A Practical Perspective!" - Summer 2012 Robert Buckler co-authored this article about the much-misunderstood "Court-Appointed Administrator" (per S. 131 of the Condominium Act, 1998) with Mr. Marko Djurdjevac, a condominium lawyer (at the time) with Miller Thomson LLP, in ACMO's CM Condominium Manager magazine, Summer 2012 issue. Robert Buckler has acted as an Administrator since 2010.