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Robert Buckler is a dynamic and highly innovative professional in the condominium industry. As a condominium property manager, consultant, realtor, author, editor and court-appointed administrator, Robert’s condominium industry expertise is both eclectic and highly focused on any given project, assignment and/or mandate. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert in his capacity as a condominium industry professional. Robert approaches challenging tasks with a critical yet open mind, and he has developed an excellent reputation as a precedent-setting and creative problem-solver.

- Marko Djurdjevac
Condominium Lawyer, Miller Thomson LLP
Robert is a personable, detail orientated and extremely knowledgeable expert in the condominium management and consulting sector.

I have had the pleasure to work with Robert in a significant project concerning the update/re-write of major educational materials for the Canadian Condominium Institute. Robert brought both editorial and substantive knowledge to the project. His sophisticated and collaborative approach to the organization of the project contributed to the successful on time completion of deliverables.

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert’s work to anyone in the field.

- Colm Brannigan
Condominium Mediator & Arbitrator,
Having worked with Robert Buckler over the past year or so on the City of Vaughan Task Force on Residential Condominiums, where his knowledge and expertise has been invaluable during to our discussions, I was interested in exploring his company’s website. I have found all the current news stories related to the ‘condo scene’ in one spot. Articles from print media, such as The Star, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal, and as well as news reports from online blogs, such as Condo Reporter and Ontario Condo Law provide me with the latest information.

- Anna M.

Condominium Consulting...

The Board of Directors had some problems with the condominium management company we recently hired. We thought they were the right fit, but it did not work out that way. Obviously, as a Board, we found out that we were not qualified enough to know what to look for in a management company. I met Robert Buckler and reached out to him to ask what to do. We were up against a very tight timeline to change management and we didn't know how to proceed, where to look for suitable companies, etc. Beredan Management & Consulting Inc. offers this service to assist Boards of Directors with the selection of a new management company. We felt that this time, we needed to hire Beredan. The process went smoothly, with Robert continuously communicating with us by advising us what to do and what to expect along the way. Although we had a very tough decision to make, as Robert put equally superior companies in front of us, we are confident that we made the right choice this time. This was as a result of Robert’s efforts, as he objectively guided us throughout the process, made us aware of important factors affecting the decision, ensured we followed a transparent process with “sealed bids,” made sure that all board members were involved in the decision, and answered the many questions we had along the way. Would I recommend Beredan Management and Consulting? Of course I would! Robert’s clear explanations, details, and objective selection process left no surprises or feeling of uncertainty. His knowledge, professionalism and patience made the process simple and easy to follow.

- C.H.
YRCC 639, Condominium Owner/Board President
The Board of Directors of our condominium complex engaged the services of Beredan Management & Consulting Inc. to facilitate the selection of a new condominium management firm to manage our property. From the outset, Robert Buckler provided invaluable guidance to ensure that the selection process was fair and equitable which reassured us that we were always acting in the best interests of our owner community. Robert helped us clarify every step of the process to ensure that we focused on the most important aspects to our condominium corporation. With Robert’s expert help, we were able to attract bids from interested and qualified management companies who focused on our property’s needs. The end result was that the management contract was awarded ahead of schedule and in keeping with our budget. Robert supported the process until the end such that the management transition was smooth and with the process now several months behind us, the Board and the community are pleased with the results of the change.

- A.M.
DCC 172, Condominium Owner/Board Member
We recently retained the services of Robert Buckler of Beredan Management & Consulting Inc. to assist us in locating and choosing a new property management company to manage our condominium. Throughout the process, Robert was very professional and worked closely with the Board. He provided an extensive Request for Proposal and guided us with the selection process. He attended the interviews and summarized the results on a very comprehensive spreadsheet, which was most helpful in making our final decision. Retaining Robert made the task of selecting a new management company much easier.

- B.A.S.
TSCC 2015, Condominium Owner/Board President
Robert Buckler provided me with invaluable guidance when I had an issue at the condominium complex where I live. Robert helped me understand the issues and advised me how to respond to the condominium management company to avoid escalating the issue. Robert responded to my many questions and offered me options to best deal with the problem and avoid additional expense. Without his assistance, I would not have been able to navigate through the maze of issues and reach the goal of addressing my issue. I would highly recommend Robert to other condominium buyers, owners or board members who are looking for a knowledgeable condominium professional.

- Ralph L.
Condominium Owner
I was introduced to Robert Buckler or Beredan Management and Consulting Inc. by my friend. At that time, I was confused and upset with the incident I had in my condominium. I was looking for somebody who could guide me what to do. I was impressed by Robert’s quick response to my inquiry and immediate availability to meet. Robert was very helpful and he provided me complete overview of the processes in establishing condo rules. He projected my next possible steps to resolve the incident and their short/long term impacts. After his consulting work, I feel more confident in making correct decision. I would definitely recommend services of Beredan Management and Consulting Inc.

- Arthur K.
Condominium Owner
I was very impressed by your quality service and working attitude.

- Yanxia L.
Condominium Owner/Board Member
I was referred to Robert Buckler by Stephen Shub, (a real estate) solicitor for many of my transactions.

Once I explained the situation to Robert, he was quick to advise me and ask all the right questions to help me. I now have my answers and feel more informed about how the Condominium Act affects our rights as owners. I will not hesitate to call on Robert again, with any of my condominium concerns & I will refer others to him for advice. I am so happy to know you and appreciate your assistance.

- JoAnn V.
Sales Representative, Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc., Brokerage
I came across a situation where a condo corporation with a handful of units did not have a Reserve Fund Study. The property manager (who was also unit owner) had informed my client who was selling his unit at the time that due to the small number of units, the corporation wasn’t required to get one. I thought it was a bit odd and tried to find this exemption online to no avail. When pressed to show me the clause he was referring to, he suggested that I “Google” it, which immediately raised a ‘red flag.’

I contacted my real estate lawyer who referred me to Robert. Robert took the time to discuss the specifics, informing me that there was no such provision in the Act. This led to the first offer on my client’s property to fall through. In hindsight, it’s probably a good thing since they had talked about abating the purchase price by several thousand dollars as a compromise. About 10 days later, a new offer came through and having shared this knowledge with the buyer’s salesperson prior to an offer being submitted, no one was blindsided and my client ended up netting a higher sale price.

- Yannick P.
Broker, Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage


I am just settling in to an awesome (rental) Condominium in North York, which Robert Buckler from 21st Century Heritage Realty tracked down for me.

As Englishman, new to Canada I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met Robert just a few weeks ago. My previous experiences with realtors in Canada has been that they are generally not interested in the rental market. Robert is a happy exception and he led me through my search, negotiation and beyond. The level of service Robert provided exceeded my expectations and I believe went beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. Robert took the time to show me a number of options and explained the everything I needed to know (and I mean everything) clearly and concisely. I think it would be hard to find a realtor in the Greater Toronto Area with a better knowledge of the rental market and Condominiums in particular.

Robert made sure all my questions were answered (even the ones I did not think to ask) and his interest did not end when the contract was signed - it continued to moving day and beyond. Robert is a credit to his profession and a pleasure to work with, I have no doubts about recommending his services.

- Steve Wallace, P.Eng
Real Estate client
I recently re-located to York Region from Vancouver for a new job. I contacted Robert online to assist in finding a place to live that was close to my new place of work. Robert agreed and was very amenable to my concerns and provided many housing options. I was very impressed with his responsiveness to my many queries and concerns (especially considering the 3 hour time difference!). Robert found me a beautiful new town house that is very close to work and in a beautiful area. He personally visited the town house and reported directly to me its various characteristics. It is always stressful to move across the country, and Robert with his responsiveness and professionalism has made the experience very comfortable. I fully recommend Robert and his services to anyone looking for a new home or trying to sell their current home.

- Kelly H.
Real Estate client
Robert was very competent, well organized, very friendly, caring beyond professional limits. We felt very welcomed, all our needs were met and the advice we received was extremely helpful.

We are pleased and very thankful.

- Barb and Lloyd
Real Estate client
Transition from House to Condominium

Robert was most accommodating and helped me choose my new home. The issues he assisted me through were as follows:

1) Moving into a Condo apartment or Condo Townhouse;
2) Understanding the importance of a Condo Cooperation, Management of Finances and the Reserve Fund;
3) Creating the opportunity to meet with selling home owners to discuss their pros and cons;
4) Working through the sales transaction;
5) Finalizing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, provided certain conditions were met.

Robert had considerable knowledge in the house hunting world. He made time to educate me in what to look for and in each scenario he made time to answer my questions. One time, we sat in the lobby watching Condo residents walking in and out of their elevators to get a sense of the dwellers. We examined the decor in the foyer and spoke to Management to learn of past repairs and future budget plans. Most important was Robert’s advice to recognize the importance of each condominium cooperation before purchasing a unit to dwell in and meeting with their Administrative Staff.

Robert is a professional Realtor who accommodated me with my concerns. His support, objectivity, and insight enabled me to feel comfortable to work with him and choose the home I now like so much.

- Marlyne Abramson
Real Estate client
I would like to thank both of you for all of your hard work in selling our home.

The fact that I never felt like I was bothering you with my many questions and requests made it a lot easier for me. You were always available no matter what time of day it was. You were both so easy to work with and did truly listen to us.

I would recommend you to anyone who needs a reliable and trustworthy agent.

[Worked with another Realtor at Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd., Brokerage]

- Robin L.
Real Estate client

Condominium Developers...

Robert Buckler of Beredan Management & Consulting Inc. was referred to me by my condominium developer client’s lawyer to assist us with compiling the first-year budget for a common elements condominium corporation in Toronto. Robert worked diligently to develop the budget, taking into consideration the location, design, and developer’s goals. Robert’s approach was very much appreciated, as the final budget was detailed, on time, on target, ‘on-budget’ and well presented. Robert also worked closely with the lawyers to ensure that the condominium’s governing documents matched the anticipated needs of the purchasers and the community.

- Wayne M.
Broker of Record, IXL at Real Estate Inc., Brokerage
He knows the condo market and his skills are invaluable.
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

- Andrew Cassel
Curlew Gardens Developments


Robert Buckler has provided me with both Realtor® and property management services. I currently own three other properties and have had experience with countless property management companies across the country. I have never received such professional, courteous and timely service than I have had with Robert. Robert is incredibly professional and very accessible. I highly recommend him for both property management and realtor services.

- Wisam S.
Condominium Owner/Investor
As a condominium owner, Robert Buckler makes sure to keep me updated on all aspects of my real estate investment so that I can relax and enjoy the dividends it provides me with. Robert is always responsive to any questions or concerns that I may have which reassures me that I can rely on him to take care of my real estate investment. I have had a positive experience as a real estate investor and would definitely recommend Robert Buckler as a professional. Furthermore, I would like to thank Robert Buckler for his investment in caring about his clients.

- A. M.
Condominium Owner/Investor
During the initial years that our town house condominium complex in Mississauga was turned over from the declarant (builder), Robert Buckler guided myself and other newly elected Board Members to ensure that the corporation was well established. Robert demonstrated extensive knowledge of the Condominium Act ensuring a success for our difficult first year as the Board had to complete a Performance Audit, first Reserve Fund Study, and Annual General Meeting. Moreover he worked with contractors to maintain and safeguard the property, ensuring its financial health. I was very happy with the service that Robert provided us and I would strongly recommend him as a professional and competent Condominium Manager.

- Teresa P.
Condominium Owner/Board Member
...As a foreign investor, Robert made sure to keep my partners and I informed on the status of the property and what decisions I had to make based on his recommendations. I was very happy with the services he provided us and I would definitely recommend him as a professional and competent Property Manager of investment properties.

- Y. T.
Multi-Residential Apartment Owner